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Paul Houlihan


Pronouns: he/him

Paul Houlihan is a Scottish man, currently living and working in Glasgow.

Chat Nickname: Pauho

Elsewhere:  @paulhoulihan_ ,

Hi, I'm Paul Houlihan. I'm not a coder, designer, or IT professional in any way. However, I am interested in the possibilities offered by the Indieweb. Having signed up for just about every social media platform in existence, I was enamored with the idea of having a home to house all of my "stuff" online. I would say I fit somewhere between Generations 2 & 3.

My lack of coding chops means that I'm somewhat limited in which tools I can use, but I've made some tentative steps and I'm proud of my accomplishments as a non-coder. These include:

  • using Atom to FTP into my WordPress server
  • generating a "child theme" through which I make minor edits to my site's layout and content
  • working through difficult (to me) IT difficulties with my hosting provider to get Micropub working on my site

Next Steps

  • I'd love to get my site working with ActivityPub and/or Bridgy in the same way it works with Twitter, though I understand there's a bug preventing this at present?
  • Fix My "Follow" menu - currently these download the RSS files instead of displaying them in the browser.
  • Work out why I can post items through MicroPub/Yarns but currently I'm not receiving any content from the websites I follow.
  • Participate more on the Wiki. Less so on technical detail, but perhaps on clarifying language. Probably need to know the ins and outs of using the wiki software better though.

Paul Houlihan