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I'm a complete noob at this, still trying to get my site off the ground but I'm really interested in my website working as my very own space on the internet which I can use to experiment, learn and publish.

Latest Update

2 March 2020: So, 1 month back on the indieweb. Depite it being a very busy month at work, I've chipped away at dipping my toes more and more into the indieweb. Not always successfully, but getting there.

I'm fascinated by the generational concept of the indieweb, and suspect that for all my techno-joy, I'm definitely a lot closer to generation 3 or 4 than 1 or 2. I don't code, other than very, *very* basic html and if I'm honest, I don't really understand what an 'endpoint' is or what it does.

Despite this, I've cobbled together a (sometimes) functioning indieweb site. I still get a *lot* of errors on bridgy and I'm not entirely sure why.

Next Steps

I'd actually like to participate in the community more, despite my lack of technical skill. One way I think I could do this is by assisting on the wiki. My day job involves distilling a lot of complicated information and distilling it down into crisp, clear language. I think I could do the same here.

And on the website, I'd like to sort out the sidebar - the Author profile h-card witget doesn't really fit in (it's justified in the wrong direction), so I'd like to work out the html to include my image and rel=me links without using the 'off the shelf' widget, useful though it is for newcomers like myself.

Finally, to use my website more and more as my portal to the internet and social media less. The bridgy errors are my main obstacle to this, but so is just changing my own habits.