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Arne Govaerts


Applied CS student and human rights advocate

Chat Nickname: argovaerts

Elsewhere: @argovaerts, /argovaerts, GitHub


Arne Govaerts AKA

Formaly know as, I switch my domain name to in May 2019, mostly to make it more rememberable and easier to share. At the same time, I swith from a semi-static website to a very simple homemade CMS, still written in PHP, still called Nordheim.


In short: Nordheim + IndieAuth Token Endpoint + selfauth + AWStats (needs replacement) + custom analytics script (needs good name)

Longer version: Nordheim is now a small scale flat-file CMS written in PHP. The individual entries are saved as html fragments. Routing is done by FastRoute, except for selfauth.

At the moment I use Gandi as registar and DNS server, and Vimexx as web hosting.


  • implement Micropub;
  • syndicate to the fediverse and newsletter;
  • own token endpoint;
  • add a more extensive h-card on my site;
  • work further on my source available license;


As I couldn’t find a good fit with existing analytics tools, I just made my own: Arnold Analytics. Currently selfdogfooded on the project website, soon on my own site as well (currently using an early version).