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This is my User: page on the wiki. is not the IndieWeb, it is a portal to the IndieWeb where new participants can start out and veterans build and document the IndieWeb. The IndieWeb itself is made up of personal web pages, it is not a central place. sent me here to meditate alone because I am too confused about how to start my journey. The following is my brainstorm which will help frame where I want to go and how to get there.

First the most important piece: what is my domain name for my website? I will self-host, and my domain/website will be

What I want to do with my personal homepage:

  • Publish my public and personal details, my "bio". Publish more personal information for those who login to my website.
  • Be discoverable through Google/search and linkable for others to pass around my info.
  • Use my domain name to identify myself at other websites.
  • Serve as a jumping off point for most of my Internet activities: posting and storing photos, posting status updates / articles, chat, video conferencing, email, commenting on articles/posts, possibly sharing music, videos, and books etc. <- self-hosting
  • Posts of all kinds should originate from my homepage using a form(s) that appears when I'm logged in.
  • Comments on my activity and other feed items should be available on my website.
  • Keep a calendar
  • Keep a canonical copy of my contacts, ideally with "personal CRM" features included.
  • Store most of my "data" and activity to be repurposed into 3rd party federated/decentralized feature providers as they come along.
  • Serve as a common launching point and integration point for both IndieWeb and Fediverse features, tools, and actions.