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  1. Progress


  • I bought some domains, including You'll see others show up over time.
  • I spun up a Google Compute Engine server (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) with a certain IP. I then created a DNS A record of to that IP (.is nameserver swapping is difficult through
  • I `apt-get install nginx` and `service nginx start`, then edited the default HTML to be sufficient enough for IndieAuth.
  • I can now edit wiki pages!
  1. TODO:
  • Have an official avatar URL on a domain I control. Not just wk0lcdq6cj.jpg
  • Post a note
  • Support HTTPS at . Who should sign that cert if I want you to trust me the most? :)
  • Be able to post a note in reply to people when I disagree with them :P
  1. Ideas