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Benjamin Terry


A Network Administrator at Carson Health, Benjamin Terry has taken an interest in the Indie Web.

His site / domain is

My Setup

As someone relatively unskilled in the ways of coding, HTML and CSS, my initial page was static HTML. To add some functionality, I have begun experimenting with Blosxom [1]. Blosxom is a rather small Perl script that uses simple text files for posting. While I am not certain how well suited Blosxom will be to adding IndieWeb functionality to my site, I have added some mark up on my posts there. My reason for choosing to start with Blosxom is that, with the script being as small and simple as it is, I thought I should be able to read and grasp what it is doing and maybe begin learning to alter it to my needs as necessary. Also, there are a variety of plug-ins for Blosxom that may point me in the right direction for adding desired functions.

Next Steps

  1. Currently, blog entries are added by simply dropping in text files via SFTP. I need to implement a way to create these entries from the site itself.
  2. Likewise, I need to implement authentication on my site, so there is some amount of security regarding what gets posted there.
  3. Then the more interesting IndieWeb specific shenanigans can begin...

Should be a fun learning experience!