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Ben Neil


Pronouns: he / him

Ben is a long time web developer. Geocities Nostalgia Junky

Chat Nickname: bneil ( on Libera.Chat )


Who am I

Welp, im an lazy author and coder. Mostly coding in golang and rust but if you subtracted twenty some years you'd see me hacking away on vrml in hotdog pro web editor. I loved the freedom of just messing around with ideas in html and javascript but decided I could learn more on the backend. That took me down all sorts of fun adventures.

What im working on

Currently im just trying to get up to speed with indieweb and start getting my blog to post to all the things when I add posts. So im probably going to end up doing a lot of those things via webworkers or some other lamda system. I really want my website to remain static with all its pieces working independently from vultr, cloudflare or some other 'small' container/FaaS services.

Always soooo much to do, when all I really want to do is drink coffee and write.