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Jump to: navigation, search was set up on 2018-May-31. I've had the domain for awhile. The site is the minimal HTML to login with to this wiki, and begin a little indie web adventure.


  • Own bare-metal hardware in spitting distance 2018-May
  • Configure and compile Linux kernel 2018-May
  • Gentoo server on bare metal 2018-May
  • Run a self-hosted version control system GUI/Hub thinger 2018-June, Gitea
  • Move my public projects to self-hosted VCS 2018-June
  • Setup a WP install on my primary domain 2018-June
  • Start blogging about stuffs I'm doing now (
  • Author a microformats2 parser in javascript with full qunit coverage to pass the tests
  • Author theme for myself to use on my WordPress install
  • Author a webdev framework, and use it at (A6A)
  • Add authentication and authorization services (relmeauth, IndieAuth, OAuth, still sorting it out)
  • Add the other fun stuff, micropub, pubsub, etc. etc. (still sorting it out)
  • author a 'social coding with IndieWeb' thinger which describes what a first-time pull-request sender should expect from IndieWeb (I am the least qualified pull-requester to write this at the moment)

Community Projects, Maybe Contribute

  • fix the http/https protocol confusion in relmeauth
  • fix the ux on indieweb plugin getting started: beginner / advanced streams GH Issue #72
  • add email to the rel=me links added by indieweb plugin
  • mention that the IndieWeb plugin includes an author h-card widget, somewhere on the getting started page GH Issue #90
  • add optional email to the h-card widget GH Issue #101 2018-06-07
  • - remember my page address between steps
  • fix the trailing slash on my h-card not working as a representative h-card (perhaps by adjusting the WP plugin, perhaps by working with author(s) to improve the check -- must firstly determine what the spec says about trailing slash in this context

WordPress Stuffs

  • explore existing WP themes for IndieWeb stuffs 2018-06-10
  • explore existing WP plugins for IndieWeb stuffs
  • journal the process, hits/misses, mirth/wishes 2018-06-10
  • author themes that support IndieWeb stuffs

... one request, make them pretty, so many people won't indieweb bc the plugins don't work on their pretty themes

jgmac1106 #wordpress 2018-06-07
  • fix IndieWeb stuffs so it works on the pretty themes
  • contribute testing and assistance on WP Plugins

Tier-2 Itch

  • is there any activity around extending the HTML spec to include a _meta_ global attribute for elements? Anything similar (or previously shot down)? My specific use case: for the exclusive purpose of including machine-readable data. Contrast this with the current _class_ global attribute, which may or may not have machine-readable data there.

Completed Stuffs on the Wiki

About Me

  • Geocities in my toe-in-water phase circa '96/'97(?)
  • Paid to devop since 2003 (IT, sysadmin, netadmin, coder, manager … so many things).
  • Technical Editor: PHP Programming Vol: 3
  • Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2016)
  • Proud papa of five reasonably well-fed kiddos

Neat Things I Made (old; open)

  • Universal Enigma Machine Simulator Live Source
  • MWFractal: a fractal image generator Source
  • Concentration: the classic card game Live Source
  • Burrow-PHP: a gopher server Source


I stopped publishing original content online, other than some code, years ago. This includes all the social media stuffs, whether in silos or otherwise. I lately was reacquainted with the Fearfully Big one, to be an outreach channel for community organizations I enjoy (Rotary, and a Makerspace). My experience with that was disheartening -- everyone online but so few autodidacts! What are you guys doing with your time on here?!?! So … I was on hold for awhile.

I have more time lately and will do some in-the-open stuff again now. I'm reading terms of service for silo A, news about silo B and … no, just no. My pleasure is to produce original content on my own terms. Starting from scratch more or less (because it's hard lol). I'm very glad to find the IndieWebCamp community here.