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Christopher James Willcock

CJ Willcock (Chris) is a career software developer, currently working in business intelligence automation for a diversified, bricks-and-mortar healthcare provider, and has been on the IndieWeb since 2018-May.

More details about Chris are at his About Me page.

Working On

  • Author a wordpress theme to replace the 2016-indieweb theme on my site now


  • A command line utility to determine the semantic compatibility of webapp sources with microformats standards
  • Author a microformats2 parser in javascript with full qunit coverage to pass the tests
  • Author a software and use it for my primary domain
  • Switch my wife and oldest son's blogging over to my authored software too.


  • I own many domains for both personal and commercial use, including the eponymous where I am actively taking my lumps in figuring out how to be a blogger, and (not currently in use / email only).
  • I setup my wife, a non-technical person, and my oldest child, nine years old, with their own sub-domains of, and installed WordPress with the suite of IndieWeb plugins for each of them. I'm getting great feedback.
  • I self-host a VCS containing my open source code, on Gitea, from my home at
  • I really like the Homebrew Website Club and am working towards co-organizing something local to me.


  • I documented my first look and starting with WordPress adventure here on the wiki 2018-06-10
  • Own bare-metal hardware in spitting distance 2018-May
  • Configure and compile Linux kernel 2018-May
  • Gentoo server on bare metal 2018-May
  • Run a self-hosted version control system GUI/Hub thinger 2018-June, Gitea @
  • Move my public projects to self-hosted VCS 2018-June
  • Setup a WP install on my primary domain 2018-June
  • Start blogging about stuffs I'm doing now ( ~2018-July
  • Moving all my domains/sites from a single debian jessie vm to a split www/db/mail multi-vm setup at a different cloud service provider. 2018-Sept
  • A /now/ page for 2018-Oct