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Halsted Mencotti Bernard


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Halsted Mencotti Bernard is a writer, diarist, and public library director.

Chat Nickname: cygnoir

Elsewhere: Here and there


Halsted M. Bernard

Website is a personal website that has existed in some form or another since May 1998. It is written and produced by me, Halsted, a/k/a Cygnoir.

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If you want to add a sparkline like the following for Halsted Mencotti Bernard, just copy/paste: {{cygnoir}} into the page where you would like it to appear. (To set up your own, see: How to make a small h-card template. For more details see also wikify#Wikify_yourself.)


  • Add a more extensive h-card on my site
  • Figure out a URL design for my posts
  • Start posting notes manually at permalinks
  • Try checking my site in
  • Check out IndieMark for additional ideas of things to add to my site