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Hi there. My name is [David Peach] and I am a full-time web developer. I have been working recently to move my personal website over from using WordPress into a custom-built solution with Laravel.

Since I moved to Laravel my UI for posting content has become so much more streamlined. As a result I have found myself posting more notes and photos to my site on a daily basis.

I am currently thinking of ways to make it easier and more accessible for everyday people to get set up with their own domain and publish to their own site. WordPress is great but I think there is still a big barrier to entry with regards to some indieweb principles.

I do love the work that the guys at Known are doing.

IndieWeb Posts


  • Saving geo data when posting notes
    • Option of grabbing geo data from photos I upload at a later point.
  • Offline posting of notes when have no signal / lose signal.
  • Pull in my Google Play Music data.
    • Albums
    • Listen counts
  • Syncronisation with for tracking film / tv watching data

Working On

  • My personal Website
    • Geeking out on getting my document outline right.
  • A way to pull out a 'currently listening to' album, by way of a url passed via a custom bookmarklet.
    • This is implemented on my own site, and result of which can be seen in my footer.
    • Would like to build into its own micro service and build upon it.