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Mentally retired.

Best place to see what I'm up to is

meMy IndieWebCamp node is a Redwind.

I usually try to be secretive, but lets party :)

Online ownership

  • Owned many sites under various names since 1997 [citation needed? get a warrant] trying to keep the metadata cloud around him as vague as possible, but can be a good sport too, so...
  • Owns his Redwind (here) since November 2014 (it's on /indie/ and not on / for boring tehcnical reasons, but I own that domain and nobody else does [I hope ;)]).
  • Uses a weird bookmarklet to reply/reshare/fav stuff (including tweets).
  • POSSE to twitter (comes with Redwind).
  • Twitter interactions are relayed as webmentions via Bridgy.
  • Some of the items (articles, photos, bookmarks) get posted to Twister via a feed2twister cron job.
  • Also has a Diaspora account, but so far, integration with it sucks both ways :(
  • Probably keeps posting on many other sites as well [citation needed? :p]

See also ownyourdata details specifically.