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Both blog and digital garden. Themes include: Education, Tech Lite, Life, Psychology and Journaling.

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I am a(n)...

โ–  Personal Web Advocate [#1 & #2] & Explorer

โ–  Webring Enthusiast

โ–  Hobbyist Writer

โ–  Teacher

โ–  32-Bit Cafe Regular

โ–  Agora Road Traveler

โ–  basement-dweller

โ–  Blue Dwarf

โ–  Cozy Bro

โ–  IndieWebber

โ–  Lainchanner

โ–  Mastodonian

What's Up?

โ–  Where I hang-out: Online Communities

โ–  What I'm doing: Now

Check out my favorite posts!

โ–  HERE BE AI - May 7th, 2023

โ–  My Lolcow & Me - October 29th, 2023

โ–  Lucid Dreaming - March 2nd, 2023

Prompted Writing

I regularly participate in (and have hosted!) the IndieWeb Carnival:

โ–  On the Fish in the Sea - April, 2024

โ–  Walk the Way - March, 2024 (also part of: Community Code Jam #3)

โ–  The Neon God - February, 2024 (also part of: Lainchan Web Festival)

โ–  IndieWeb Carnival January 2024: Roundup - January, 2024 (3 of 3)

โ–  The Pupil - January, 2024 (2 of 3)

โ–  IndieWeb Carnival January 2024: Positive Internalization - January, 2024 (1 of 3)

โ–  Gift Giving - December, 2023

โ–  My Kind of Weather - September, 2023

In December 2023, I participated in basement community's 1-year anniversary event:

โ–  Internet Usage

In January 2023, I participated in Bring Back Blogging:

โ–  TechEd-verse of Madness

โ–  It's 2023: Students Hate Movies

โ–  ChatGPT: Student Report Card Comments

Unsolicited Advice

If you want a website, I'd recommend one of the following:

โ–  Bear Blog


โ–  Neocities

โ– (maybe too limiting)

โ–  Publii

โ–  Hugo, a Static Site Generator + Prebuilt Templates / Themes (this is what I use)