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chat user template

Testing new version of Template:chat-user with named parameters that is backwards compatible:

  • (new!) Named parameters:

gRegor (US/Pacific)

  • Numbered parameters:

gRegor (US/Pacific)

  • Anonymous parameters:

gRegor (US/Pacific )

microformats2-parsing issue labels

Current labels for

  • bug
  • duplicate
  • enhancement
  • help wanted
  • invalid
  • needs parser dev approval
  • needs parser dev feedback
  • needs parser prototyping
  • needs proposed resolution
  • needs proposed text in-spec
  • question
  • wontfix

How to set up your user template

A user template allows you to add your name and photo on a wiki page with a link to your user page.

To set up your user template, choose the nickname you'd like to use. This can also be your domain name.

  • On any wiki page, add: {{nickname}}
    • Replace "nickname" with your chosen nickname or your domain name
  • Click the resulting link to edit the user template
  • Copy, paste, and edit with your information (note that you do not edit the word "user"):
    • Photo is optional. If you don't want to include a photo, delete that line
| name = gRegor Morrill
| photo =
| userpage =
  • Save the template, then refresh the page you added {{nickname}} on and your information should appear

Transclusion Testing

Transclusion of

HWC 2019-04-03

Etherpad Template

'''<dfn>SESSION_NAME</dfn>''' was a session at [[YEAR/CITY|IndieWebCamp CITY YEAR]].

Notes archived from [ETHERPAD_URL]

IndieWebCamp CITY YEAR

== Participants ==
* [URL NAME] (session facilitator)
* {{addyourself}} or [URL NAME]

== Notes ==
* ...add notes

== See Also ==
* [[YEAR/CITY/Schedule]]
<!-- Add relevant wiki pages discussed here -->

[[Category: YEAR]]
[[Category: YEAR sessions]]
[[Category: YEAR CampCityName]]
<!-- add other categories as appropriate -->


Please note that all contributions to this pad and other IndieWebCamp documents are considered to be released under the public domain according to CC0.