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Jens-Christian Fischer

Old timer on the web, blogging since late 1990s, resurrected my blog beginning of 2019 and discovered IndieWeb while browsing Hugo templates. IndieWeb resonates incredibly with me, so set out to get my new blog theme IndieWebified.

My Indieweb Setup

  • Main Site using hugo -
    • Fully marked up h-card and h-entry (I hope)
    • Hugo Theme "Chaschper" with various IndieWeb parts available on GitHub
    • Hosted on Netlify
    • Using as webmention endpoint
    • Backfeed with


  • Investigate the use of Lambda functions to handle various dynamic aspects of the IndieWeb
  • Ideas
    • Post via web (and commit into Repo that hosts site, which will trigger a redeploy)
    • Endpoint for Webmentions