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James Stallings


Hello, My name is James Stallings. I go by sparseMatrix in IRC and DangOlJames on mastodon.

I've been involved with online communities and software development since the mid '80s, when everything happened on dialup BBS. My first was a rude pile of hacked up C64 code, and yes, a 300 baud modem.

Anyway, so much for nostalgia. I'm here to make friends, have some fun, and jam on creating public wealth. I do just about anything. I've worked as a systems administrator and as a programmer; I've done C, C#, Node, sh, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java and Lua. I've been doing html since a little after Mosaic was the only browser. A few of these things I haven't done in a long time, like Perl, Java, PHP and Ruby. A few of them I never want to do again, heh.

I've got a few projects 'in work', and I'll get the details down here in the wiki as I get things done.

Thanks for all the hardwork, and thanks for helping me get on board :D