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Jasmine Amalia

A scatter-brained creative who fell into the web development rabbit hole in mid 2023.

Jasmine Amalia


Pronouns: she/they

Multimedia designer and illustrator from Indonesia.

Elsewhere: Github


Bragging rights

  • Passed the LinkedIn assessment for PHP (top 30%) within two months of learning the language. Also scored in the top 5% for CSS.
  • Completed Yoga With Adriene's "30 Days of Yoga" twice.
  • Indexed over 1,000 members of her extended family in her genealogy tree.

Personal site stack

  • Started as a plate of static code spaghetti written in raw HTML and CSS hosted on Neocities.
  • The site in its current state is now mostly powered by MariaDB, PHP, Twig, SCSS, Markdown, and JavaScript.