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I'm some average boring german dude who likes coffee and punk rock a lot.
In real life, friends call me Groschi.
I'm also the moron responsible for a bilingual music blog called 12XU.
I'm always interested in clever ways to POSSE and Backfeed between my blog and the fediverse.

Things that currently work for me:

  • POSSE from my Blog to ActivityPub (Mastodon & Pleroma, currently) via RSS & feed2toot.
  • Backfeed from Activitypub via Bridgy.
  • POSSE from my Blog to Tumblr via IFTT.
  • IndieAuth (obviously, as i've been able to log in and create this page).

Things that i haven't found a decent solution for yet:

  • POSSE and Backfeed to/from Diaspora.
  • Backfeed from Tumblr
  • Bridging Diaspora & ActivityPub (ideally they should be interoperable by default, but it doesn't look like that might happen in the forseeable future. "Creative differences", ya know?)

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