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Hey, I'm Shane Hudson

This page is duplicated from my own website.

Working on

I have recently moved my website from using WordPress to Craft. The migration is mostly complete, but I have plenty to implement.


  • webmentions
  • fragmentions
  • Multiple post types. I currently have: Articles (longform), Notes (short) and Links (bookmarks) inheriting from a 'Post' section and I also have: Webmentions and Comments inheriting from an 'Interactions' section.
  • Storing geolocation of notes
  • Reached level 5 on HTTPS
  • As of 2014/09/19 I now have POSSE to Twitter working on Craft. It has a on/off switch with a text box for the tweet. Currently I have to paste the main text into the tweet text box but eventually will make it automatic, this way it allows 140+ characters in the notes but not tweets. I have reply contexts working but have to manually grab the ID, and I want to add photo uploads.
  • As of 2014/09/22 I've now got the ability to relate notes to collections, currently it is specifically for books but it will not be hard to improve the functionality for multiple types of collection.


  • Quite often I want to post lots of small notes about the same thing, as writing a long article about it would often get left for later. So I want another post type, called something like 'Object' so that I can store entities that I write notes about. A working use-case for this is Mandy Brown's website where she has books that have multiple notes attached to them.
  • Do something with the geolocation
  • I think I have a bug with sending webmentions, which I need to look into
  • I don't like link rot, so I would like to automatically backup pages that I link to with a manual (could be automatic but not really needed) checkbox for showing/hiding the backed up version. I don't want to show it if the link works.
  • I would love a nice way to put in ISBN and have an API fill it in server-side, might implement a plugin for craft to do that
  • It would be nice to provide context to links with by having auto-embedding cards, much like Twitter.
  • Consider a new name for Collections as per conversation on irc
  • I would like to implement reply contexts at some point.
  • Checkins. I use Foursquare/Swarm to some degree and have geolocation built in already. This will give me some opportunity to do interesting things with maps.

Indie Web Camp Tasks

(I'm forgetful, but would like to do these!):

  • Add some historical examples of blocking users to block
  • Extend the Facebook Private Posts page with information about how private photos are shared.