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Hi, I'm Arne Govaerts: IT student by day and by night.

Current setup

A self build static site generator called Nordheim (after the composer. The webpages are living on [Github Pages]. Currently only supporting notes, replies, articles and likes. Blog html files are hosted on Github Pages.

Next to this domain I have,

Tools used

  • Python
  • Markdown
  • for revieving webmentions
  • Zoho Mail
  • Github Pages
  • Telegraph API


  • Documenting
  • Cleanup code
  • Open source
  • Adding photo as posttype (implemented, not tested yet)
  • Adding TLS (Thanks Github!!)
  • Setting up (automatic) POSSE
  • Sending webmentions using script
  • CDN for video and photo posts (maybe everything, will see)
  • Micropub and webmention recieving in-house