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Hi, I'm Arne Govaerts: IT student by day and by night.

Current setup

A self build static site generator called Nordheim (after the composer. The webpages are living on Github Pages. Currently only supporting notes, replies, articles and likes. Blog html files are hosted on Github Pages.

Other domain:, used as a CV

Tools used

  • Python
  • Markdown
  • for revieving webmentions
  • Zoho Mail
  • Github Pages
  • Telegraph API


  • Documenting
  • Cleanup code
  • Open source
  • Adding photo as posttype (implemented, not tested yet)
  • Setting up (automatic) POSSE
  • Sending webmentions using script
  • CDN for video and photo posts (maybe everything, will see)
  • Micropub and webmention recieving in-house