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Lee Kierstead


Pronouns: he/him

A nerdy Canadian living in Alberta

Elsewhere: Twitter



Hello. I'm Lee Kierstead I am just getting into the Indieweb but I've been tinkering with html, css, and js for years. My site is built with Jekyll and self hosted with Nginx, and I use Cloudflare because it's closest to my location (in order to better serve friends and family who read it).


  • create a webmention policies page
  • add a books read page with a rating and links to review article
  • add a photos page, with flexbox (will need to make thumbnail files)
    • a photo layout and permalink (with html) for each image?

Working On

  • create more posts, and more readable ones at that
    • while I have many posts, they are pretty self indulgent
  • setting up a liquid layout for my jekyll blog to output data from (for webmentions)
  • UX - adding tags to every article and showing them in article headers
  • UX - adding subheads to new articles from here on out