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John Cooke

John Cooke


Hi, I'm John. I'm a retired astronomer. I've been involved with websites at work and at home for a while, and now have time to play with the sites I'm responsible for. My early sites were all hand coded, initially html only until I discovered css, but in recent years I've been using cms tools.


My primary site ( now runs on Wordpress. I am still trying to decide how best to use my old site ( which is basically hand coded (though editable using tools like Bluefish) and basically now an archive. I have also set up as my new amateur radio blog site.


  • Sort out the sound and video sections of the main website
  • Finish shifting Facebook blog posts to the main website
  • Look at publishing individual articles from the main website to here
  • Need to look more at Bridgy. It doesn't work with Facebook, and I don't use Twitter much.