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Rich Brown


Pronouns: he/him

Among the human beings, in their designer jeans.

Chat Nickname: shoesNsocks




  • Drastic visual redesign of blog (how to put posts and micro.blogs on same page, in an appealing way?) Meh, I settled on a not-drastic merging of posts and micro.blogs. No big deal.
  • Split prior years' posts (and maybe `/projects` and `seattle-2019`) into subdomains with separate repos, as they are basically fixed in time and don't need to be rebuilt all the time. PROS: better rebuild time on current SSR blog. CONS: breaks old URLs. (unless there's a redirect trick I can come up with. => ???) Done! Not the projects, but the past years are in their own fixed repos, with Netlify redirecting old URLs to new subdomains.
  • In addition to completing the point above, I also moved all of my "projects" to a separate repo similar to the 2019 and 2018 repos, so that `/projects` redirects to ``. Adding add'l repos as add'l subdomains is a snap with Netlify, and keeping all that silliness out of my "main blog" reduces build times dramatically (which matters, now that Netlify only gives free accounts a limited # of minutes.)
  • When it comes to creating blog posts/ entries, I have a quick-n-dirty online form that can save photos to my storage and return markdown-with-suitable-frontmatter. I cut-n-paste that returned text into my editor (if it's open), or I go to GitHub and create a new file right from the browser. This is a looooong way from a valid micropub endpoint. WHAT DO?
  • I need to recreate and hook it up to Sunlit again. I blew up the Wordpress install and accidentally deleted the backup, when my Ubuntu setup crashed in August '20.
  • There's also the lousy beginnings of a `portal` at yet another subdomain. Just a few bookmarks, along with traffic and weather, right now... (I should merge in a couple of pages from pineandvine, too.)