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Rich Brown


Pronouns: he/him

Among the human beings, in their designer jeans.

Chat Nickname: shoesNsocks




  • Drastic visual redesign of blog (how to put posts and micro.blogs on same page, in an appealing way?) Meh, I settled on a not-drastic merging of posts and micro.blogs. No big deal.
  • Split prior years' posts (and maybe `/projects` and `seattle-2019`) into subdomains with separate repos, as they are basically fixed in time and don't need to be rebuilt all the time. PROS: better rebuild time on current SSR blog. CONS: breaks old URLs. (unless there's a redirect trick I can come up with. => ???) Done! Not the projects, but the past years are in their own fixed repos, with Netlify redirecting old URLs to new subdomains.
  • In addition to completing the point above, I also moved all of my "projects" to a separate repo similar to the 2019 and 2018 repos, so that `/projects` redirects to ``. Adding add'l repos as add'l subdomains is a snap with Netlify, and keeping all that silliness out of my "main blog" reduces build times dramatically (which matters, now that Netlify only gives free accounts a limited # of minutes.)Been a few weeks, seems to be a good re-org.
  • When it comes to creating blog posts/ entries, I have a quick-n-dirty online form that can save photos to my storage and return markdown-with-suitable-frontmatter. I cut-n-paste that returned text into my editor (if it's open), or I go to GitHub and create a new file right from the browser. This is a looooong way from a valid micropub endpoint. WHAT DO? Indiekit is mostly working, and my custom media Endpoint works with it, from various indieweb clients (but not, where "URL is blank." Good enough for now.
  • I need to recreate and hook it up to Sunlit again. I blew up the Wordpress install and accidentally deleted the backup, when my Ubuntu setup crashed in August '20. Puppyrey is now a very plain Eleventy blog with its own custom-upload form similar to the one described above. Never mind Sunlit, never mind its own account. Not worth the mental overhead. Honestly the whole thing's not worth the mental overhead; I should just post dog pics on and forget about separate URLs/subdomains/accounts.
  • There's also the lousy beginnings of a `portal` at yet another subdomain. Just a few bookmarks, along with traffic and weather, right now... (I should merge in a couple of pages from pineandvine, too.) This portal remains lousy but I still use it once or twice a week. I also pulled in some links to city-deployed traffic cams out in our direction (though we hardly use the car, these days).