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Sarah Dillon


Sarah Dillon lives, works and studies in Brisbane, Australia.

Chat Nickname: sarahdillon

Elsewhere: Twitter


Figuring out how to integrate microblogging via into my WP posting workflow. If I can do it with minimal adjustment to my current website setup, then I'll give it a go.

  • Updated to latest version of Syndication Links, after a helpful prompt from @ChrisAldrich via Twitter. After some confusion (related to brain not plugin), I posted to my WP site, using a Note, which then popped up on Twitter and the timeline. Spent the next 75 mins trying to replicate initial success. Better luck next time.


  • Will return for another pass at figuring out whether it's worth microblogging via my website, using Level of itch: not that high.


  • Tried checking my site again in --> h-card is still not being found for my site, even though I have a h-card widget installed, and have inserted the h-card code in my header. Reached (& exceeded) my limit of time I'm prepared to spend on this.
  • Installed independent publisher child theme from github==> currently reverted to Genesis Frmwk + off-the-shelf child template as I needed something to look good faster than this was taking.
  • Figured out how to post to Twitter from my site.
  • Figured out how to remove the visible microformatting code from the author line on the blog posts on my site, by changing themes which resolved the issue.
  • Forced my site to load securely via htaccess file.
  • Tried to figure out Quill - getting a 'not authorised' error sometimes when posting, but reached my limit on time prepared to spend on it.
  • Found out my domain host is stripping stuff from my headers that causes authorisation pblms, they won't change this for security reasons. Sidestepping this via Apache is in the "Too Hard" basket for me.
  • Considered changing ISPs/ domain hosts but am unconvinced of ROI on time and effort.