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Web Directions Code 2014 was a web developer conference in Melbourne, Australia, - which had a session on “The once and future IndieWeb”.

Sessions 2014-05-02

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The once and future IndieWeb

In the beginning, the Web was a simple thing. A bit of HTML, running on a server you probably had root access to, and maybe even had running under your desk. Fast forward 20 years, and most of the Web's content resides in silos, like Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Our Web sites have become Tumblrs, or blogs hosted at Wordpress.org.

But this poses huge challenges for the longevity, integrity, and ultimately ownership of the content we create.

In this presentation, Tantek Çelik, one of the great contributors to the open Web challenges us to re-imagine the "IndieWeb" from long ago.

Tantek Çelik

Tantek Çelik currently works on Open Web Standards at Mozilla. His extensive history on the Web inludes authoring several key W3C specifications, leading the development efforts on Internet Explorer 5 for the Macintosh, co-founding the Microformats movement, and inventing the now infamous, though vital CSS box model hack. He continues to advocate for, and work tirelesssly to develop standards and technologies for an open Web.

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