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An accessibility statement is a statement for a website or event that provides information about the accessibility of the content and or venue and other facilities, respectively, and sometimes required in some countries.

How to

How to create for a website

See W3C’s:

How to create for an event

See event examples below for inspiration to write your own.

IndieWeb Examples

Examples of personal site accessibility statements. Please add your personal real world accessibility statements examples. See #Brainstorming for adding ideas & aspirations.

IndieWeb Event Examples

More Event Examples

More event accessibility statement examples:

  • btconf: Beyond Tellerrand Terms of Service: Accessibility heading

    Please contact us, if you want to attend at workshops or the conference and have any special requirements such as access for wheelchairs. We will do our very best to accommodate you.

  • XOXO: Accessibility policy

    It’s important to us that XOXO reflects the diverse and vibrant creative communities it was created to celebrate. We currently make the following accommodations in our production for attendees who require accessibility considerations.


Ideas and aspirations for ways to improve accessibility statements, both for events and personal sites.


Articles and other resources for accessibility statements.

Event accessibility statement resources:

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