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archive navigation is UI specifically for navigating archives, often organized by time period.


See navigation#Why and archives#Why.


See existing examples, IndieWeb and others for ideas on how to design and implement your own archive navigation.

IndieWeb Examples

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Past Examples

Examples of old pages, or old versions

Silo Examples


GitHubโ€™s contribution activity graph (screenshot needed) visible on every GitHub profile is quite nice in terms of how much information it presents in a neat and orderly manner, using the x axis for week number, y axis for day of the week, and darkness of green for density of activity on a particular day.


Facebook's activity log on allows you to select months in the current year and all years

Facebook Activity log offers easy date based navigation


Slack activity

The Slack activity display sent in email updates to Slack team owners provides an interesting approach that could be used to show and provide archive navigation:

Slack graph of by week and week number of public vs private messaging activity

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