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arkOS is a software stack designed to make the installation and management of self-hosted services such as email, web servers, or a private cloud easy and intuitive. arkOS focuses on saving data on user-owned hardware and currently supports Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, and BeagleBone as platforms.

The arkOS software stack encompasses a number of different projects:

  • A Linux distribution that handles setup onto a supported device through a custom installer
  • A repository manager
  • Genesis, a graphical server management tool

arkOS underwent a successful crowdfunding campaign in December 2013 and is still being actively developed.

Supported services

  • Static HTML sites
  • WordPress sites
  • Email server
  • SSH server
  • Calendar and contacts hosting
  • OwnCloud
  • Syncing files across several arkOS devices
  • File shares via SMB

Support pending

  • Application marketplace

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