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Community brainstorming are ideas and suggestions for improving the IndieWeb community, whether in-person, online in chat or virtual meetups, other discussions, or development and coding projects.

Ideas for Ways to Meet Others in the IndieWeb

  • Friday Night Online Hangout - Tracy Durnell suggests: I used to organize "Sip n Sketch" hangouts (irl), and have done some kinda craft night Discord hangouts with friends during the pandemic, and could see something like a "Craft and Chat" (better name plz) unstructured casual hangout where people work on something fun (could be analog or digital) and shoot the breeze could be a place to talk about stuff other than just websites and get to know people better, potentially a lower barrier to entry for newbies?
  • IndieWeb Community Page / Directory - Tracy Durnell suggests: something like that serves as an opt-in profile for people who count themselves part of the IndieWeb, which could show an avatar or portrait, chosen name / chat name and link to their website - would it be technically possible to create the page content using webmentions, where to add your name to the listing you just post a reply to the page and replies are styled attractively in the css? I'm thinking ;)

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