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device-deaths are like site-deaths, except of physical devices made useless by their manufacturer or otherwise dependent service either explicitly shutting them down (bricking) or becoming inoperable due to the site-death of said service.



Basis B1

Basis announced they are shutting down their Basis B1 watch and users have only til 2016-12-31 to retrieve their data per


2016-05-15 Revolv home automation hubs were shutdown. See site-deaths#Revolv for details.


iPhone 4

Apple it announced that iOS 8 and beyond will not work on the iPhone 4. They also stopped patching iOS 7. This, effectively, leaves the iPhone 4 "unsupported" by Apple. As apps continue to release updates they will drop support for older iOS versions because they rely on features available in newer versions of iOS and there is a huge effort in backwards-compatible support for older SDK versions (e.g. the "Auto Layout" feature that helps adapt to various device screen sizes). In a couple of years the iPhone 4 - locked to the Apple store and OS - will not be able to perform many of the functions their users relied on.

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