From IndieWeb


Present: Andrea, Eva, Guiseppo, Michiel, Pierre

Broadcast hour

Things we discussed during the first ("broadcast") hour:

  • what is indieweb
  • what is webmention, posse, bridgy
  • what is an indiereader
  • how can you sort important information on top in your indiereader
  • receiving webmentions doesn't imply you need to also display them publicly
  • people click around on a bit

We present our own websites

  • Michiel:
  * (personal, statics on own server):
  • Pierre:
   * (personal, statics on own server):
  • Eva:
   * No web, no blog, just email :)
   * we'll get you started tonight! ->
  • Andrea:
   * (semantic web/foaf):
   * (html)
   * (work tumblr)
   * (sailing tumblr)
   * (free books; contributor)
  • Giuseppe:
   * (work; wordpress on own server)
   * (personal; old blog)

Second hour ("peer-to-peer")

  • Eva + Michiel: Setting up and creating first html page (transferring from hand drawing)
  • Giuseppe: Setting up his identity (did not have a *personal* Facebook, Twitter, etc yet)
  • Andrea: Configure authentication system - how to improve indieauth with a browser plugin, email, Mozilla Persona, or something like that
  • Pierre: tried to set up bridgy developer environment, to debug bridgy problem on (Pierre's shortener relies on JavaScript, which causes problems)

Dinner and epilogue

At 9pm we walked together from Casa Independente to closeby RDA 69, where we had a nice vegan dinner at the collaborative kitchen, and continued talking about computer science. :)

We had an interesting epliogue discussion when Eva ran into a fellow photographer, who immediately asked her if she had a website. To which she could answer "yes, since two hours". :)

However, since he was using, he was able to easily publish his photos in a nice way, and it became clear that for Eva to have that same user experience, she needs not only a website, but also a photo gallery tool like Having just a website is not enough, because it still requires knowledge of html and ftp.

IndieWeb is really in its "Homebrew" days! :)

Next Homebrew Website Club Lisbon will be in two weeks, on 29 October. We realized we're out of sync with the other HWC chapters, not only by timezone, but also by the biweek-phase on which we got started. :)