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Re­decentra­lize Conference 2019

4th Floor Studios, 255–259 Commercial Road, London, E1 2BT

Interested in a fairer, freer web and net? Working on decentralisation? Care about privacy, autonomy and our future digital infrastructure? Learn, compare experiences, bounce ideas, share challenges and lessons learnt, hatch collaborations, plan campaigns and start projects.

IndieWeb Participants

IndieWeb Related Sessions

  • 10:45 Lightning Talks
  • 12:00 IndieWeb Standards & Methods led by Kevin Marks
  • 14:00 Mapping the space led by Gerben, Tantek Çelik participated, discussed how IndieWeb documents project pages, bar of there should be someone real using it, preferably the creator(s), on their personal sites
  • ...
  • ...

Adjacent Events

  • MozFest
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Kevin Marks leading a discussion on IndieWeb standards and methodologies showing an indie event as an example

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