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IndieWeb Education Meet Up


Join us for an online discussion as a professional educator looking to model good IndieWeb practices from your own website and 2) as an instructor who would like to facilitate some first steps for students in this direction. in the chatroom! More…





EtherPad [


  • How do I do this on my pwn?
  • How do I bring these philosophies to teachers?
  • Developing Sites through Google Apps
    • Practical and uncomfortable
      • Works
      • They also need the G Suite based on employer feedback
    • Google Classroom, Google Apps, Google Suite
  • Known is too time consuming to mantain
  • Microblog has enough features but unsure of pricing model and students
  • Students do not see themselves as teachers
    • start with learn something and then teach me something
    • have students design and teach online modules
  • Website Syllabus
    • Think about portfolios
    • How do we scaffold in the importance of owning your data?
    • How to balance content knowledge and learning tech?


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