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Evernote is a suite of software and services used for note-taking and archiving. Evernote software is available on a variety of different platforms and user data is stored locally in a proprietary format. Evernote services provide a means to back up / synchronize data across devices.

How to leave

It describes several key points about leaving Evernote and may help you do so:

  • Why do I want to leave?
  • What I don’t like about Evernote
  • What I like about Evernote


  • Notes don't need to be named in order to be stored
  • Categorization via tags and "notebooks"
  • Full-text search, faceted search, and seach-within-images via OCR
  • Note context like date and location is stored automatically
  • Inline images within notes
  • The ability to embed any kind of file within a note
  • Easy note-capture via the app, website, bookmarklets, browser extensions, or via email


A variety of apps and services integrate with Evernote including:

  • Confluence, Atlassian's enterprise wiki
  • Whitelines Link, an iOS app for scanning documents (also has email and Dropbox integration)
  • IFTTT - see evernote blog post

Data Export

Evernote data can only be exported via the desktop application and is available in either HTML or the Evernote XML format (.enex).


  • "Evernote’s employees read your private notes in order to “improve machine learning”!" [1] [2]
  • "You cannot opt out of employees looking at your content" [3]

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