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An exit page is a page, often linked to from one's homepage or main menu, that acts as a last page or jumping off point from one's personal website, often with a list of recommended or interesting sites, directories, or other miscellany.


As the early web didn't have comprehensive directories, and those that did only captured about 24% of all websites, it was somewhat common to have an exit page that listed useful or interesting websites than an individual site recommended. Exit pages, blogrolls, and webrings often helped to serve the purpose of aiding in discovery as well as improving the overall connectivity of the nascent web.

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Brad Enslen

Kicks Condor

Alternate SEO Definition

In more modern day SEO-related definitions, an exit page is the last page accessed during a visit on a site. Some analytics software will report the top exit pages URLs, the number of exits, Unique Pageviews and exit rates. Exit rate (sometimes called “Page Exit Ratio”) is the number of Exits from a page divided by total number of page views of that page. These data are often used to improve business related design of websites.

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