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finsta is a portmanteau of fake and Instagram, a typically private pseudonym account that only a few close friends follow, and used to post more informally and frequently, without any of the typical Instagram posting conventions; as few IndieWeb are private, this may be worth exploring. Contrast with rinsta.


  • 2021-09-30 NYTimes: β€˜Finsta,’ Explained / What is it, really? And can one commit to ending it?

    β€œFinsta,” a slang term, is widely accepted as a contraction of β€œfake” and β€œInsta” (short for Instagram). It is neither an official designation nor a type of account offered by Facebook.

  • 2021-10-01 NYTimes: When an Angry Old Pol Shakes His Fist at the Internet

    Finsta is slang for a secondary Instagram account created by someone β€” usually a young person β€” to share privately with only some friends (and perhaps not with parents).

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  • possibly contradictory/reversed-meaning use of finsta/rinsta terms: 2019-10-15 What's a Finsta? We Explain This Confusing Instagram Trend, e.g. quoting then 16-year old (Gen Z)

    "My real Instagram account is kind of fake -- like, only pictures of my 'best' life,"


    "I use my Finsta to share funny, inside jokes with my closest friends. My real Instagram has like, 400 followers. My fake one only has like, eight."

    the latter quote strongly implies the "Finsta" is actually more real since presumably its "eight" followers are very close friends that they feel safe/comfortable being more real with.