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follow search is a reader search feature implemented by at least Twitter that similar to follow, shows new posts in the reader that match the search criteria, independent of author.

IndieWeb Examples

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Silo Examples


Starting around 2017-08-25, Twitter introduced "Follow search" as a button and UI prompt to some users.


Stay Informed prompt

When first shown to the user, a UI prompt is provided that explains the feature a bit and provides multiple "Follow search" buttons:

Hashtag follow search UI prompt - from


Conditional OR follow search UI prompt - from


Follow Search button

At some point the UI prompt no longer shows up on search results, leaving only the "Follow search" button near the top - from


If you click the "Follow Search" button it is inverted and turns into a "Following search" button:


Hovering over the button turns it red and changes the text to "Unfollow search"


follow search webaction

In a system where different services perform posting, search, and reading services, "Follow Search" would make sense as a webaction that a search service could provide that the user's browser could delegate to their preferred reader service, perhaps on their own site.

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