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geocaching is hiding and locating containers at specific geographic coordinates using GPS.

The dominant silo providing services to the geocaching community is Other sites include and Geocache logs could be considered checkins.


Besides the checkin information, I would also suggest another property which indicates whether you have found or did not find the log. Something like p-geocache-log-type where value is either 'found' or 'not-found'. With this property, we can also explicitly set a post to 'geocache' instead of a checkin only.

Kristof De Jaeger is currently exploring this with Indigenous for Andoid which has a Geocache form posting found geoaches on his site at Minimal context is also parsed from the site and wrapped into 'u-geocache-of'. The data for the checkin comes in by passing all info into the Geo URI, see

View source and look into the noscript to see markup.

Parsed by
Notice the proposed 'geocache-log-type' property parsed there.

PESOS to WordPress

Dan Q has implemented a WordPress plugin that performs manually-initiated PESOS from a variety of geocaching websites including and and is selfdogfooding it on blog post | source code