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infinite scroll is an anti-pattern which blocks users from getting to the footer of a page, where it takes over loading more content via Javascript, often destroying URL history so that visitors can be forced to continue seeing new content until they quit.

How not to

How to not need or implement infinite scroll:

For an overall alternative approach:

For a good example of a simple UI that avoids any need for infinite scroll:


Addictive Behavior

But the content — it’s a default. It’s a comfort when you’re tired, when it’s just easier to look. Worse yet, by defaulting to this little screen, it gets in the way of me spending my time deliberately. I really enjoy drawing, and usually, even if I’m tired, if I grab a pencil and some paper, I end up having so much fun scratching out little sketches. If I had gotten up and started drawing, I probably would have remembered how fun it is. But, I’m a little tired. Going for a walk sounds tiring, and it’s not quite bedtime yet, so I’ll just take a glance at a few more videos since I’m already here. My feet are a little cold from being here on the couch for an hour, but luckily I’ve got a blanket as well.

Overrides Readers' Choices

Infinite scroll is like finishing a sandwich, and the server plops another one in front of you without asking what you want on it, or if you want it at all. If you’re full, or you don’t like what they chose? Too bad, it’s on your plate now! To make matters worse, sometimes if you put the sandwich down for a moment to eat some chips, they’ll think you’re done and swap your sandwich for a different one!

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