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Metadata is data about data, and a concept too abstract to be useful since in practice it is used to mean so many different things that it is ill-suited for communicating any specific concept, often unnecessary (often just means data), and when used to indicate data about content but apart from content, is often out of date or otherwise wrong or untrustworthy.

Good Examples

Despite the problems with "metadata" as a concept and in use, there are a small handful of mostly effective examples:

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tantek: danlyke, kylewm I think the framing of "metadata" leads people down a confusing and unhelpful path.


kylewm: is there any sort of comparison that explains the relationship between mf, microdata,, AS1/2, JSON-LD, RDFa, turtle, n3, etc.? I have a lot of trouble understanding e.g., which things are syntax and which are vocabularies and which are the same or successors to each other [09:36]

tommorris: kylewm: is a vocabulary. microformats used to be syntax+vocab, now those have been separated in mf2. JSON-LD is a layer of RDFing translation on top of JSON (think of it like an 'RDF stylesheet'!)

tommorris: kylewm: Notation3 is an RDF syntax that's human readable. RDFa is RDF in HTML.

tommorris: kylewm: microdata is Hixie's reimplementation of RDFa's use cases but without RDFa's RDFisms.

tommorris: kylewm: turtle and N3 are so similar you can just treat them as one. there are a few minor differences but just treat N3 as a superset of Turtle

tommorris: kylewm: ActivityStreams 1 is based on Atom. AS2 is based on JSON (and/or JSON-LD and/or a few other things to be determined)

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