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Metadata, specifically "descriptive metadata", is an umbrella term for all the different ways data (content) can be marked up or organized to facilitate machine-readability. In the context of the IndieWeb, personal sites use metadata to locate interesting information in each other's HTML markup (e.g., author name, post title, etc.).


  • This page/content should be moved somewhere with less confusing framing

tantek: danlyke, kylewm I think the framing of "metadata" leads people down a confusing and unhelpful path.


kylewm: is there any sort of comparison that explains the relationship between mf, microdata,, AS1/2, JSON-LD, RDFa, turtle, n3, etc.? I have a lot of trouble understanding e.g., which things are syntax and which are vocabularies and which are the same or successors to each other [09:36]

tommorris: kylewm: is a vocabulary. microformats used to be syntax+vocab, now those have been separated in mf2. JSON-LD is a layer of RDFing translation on top of JSON (think of it like an 'RDF stylesheet'!)

tommorris: kylewm: Notation3 is an RDF syntax that's human readable. RDFa is RDF in HTML.

tommorris: kylewm: microdata is Hixie's reimplementation of RDFa's use cases but without RDFa's RDFisms.

tommorris: kylewm: turtle and N3 are so similar you can just treat them as one. there are a few minor differences but just treat N3 as a superset of Turtle

tommorris: kylewm: ActivityStreams 1 is based on Atom. AS2 is based on JSON (and/or JSON-LD and/or a few other things to be determined)

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