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nagging is when a site prompts you out of the blue to go do something for the site, like update your profile.

Why not

Don't do this. Don't nag the user. It's annoying and disrespectful of their time.


  • Cookie checks are in some places mandated. This does not make them any more user-friendly, or less of a nag
  • Consent to share your browsing data with advertisers and third parties also form this class of consent nagging.

Other Examples

  • "Is this still your phone number?"
  • "Do you know these people?"
  • "Help us prove you know subject"
  • sign-up / pay-wall capture mechanisms
  • invite / tag people who can verify you

Silo Examples


Facebook started to display (at least since 2015-07-16) an "Update Your Profile" box and message with a weird flower graphic when you view your own profile if they determine that you should update parts of it (for whatever reason).

Note the absence of a close box or any way of dismissing it.

Here it is in the context of a profile:

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