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no-www is a movement to deprecate use of "www." at the start of URLs as being redundant, unnecessary, and a waste of resources.

More: (original died sometime around/after 2016)


www prefix is a source of bugs

  • 2023-11-10 Webmentions Working (W)once Again

    I fixed the issue I was having with the WordPress Webmention plugin. I had a hunch that it was being caused by the plugin trying to send webmentions from a url with the www prefix. Once I changed my site url in my settings to not include it, they started sending again.

    Emphasis added.

some browsers hide www prefix

  • Another reason to setup www. to permanently redirect to your plain domain: apparently (some) browsers hide the www. in the URL bar and when users copy/paste it doesnโ€™t show. Thread:
    • "really wish browsers would stop hiding parts of domains, esp the 'www.' subdomain. just results in you typing the site you think you're on into another tab or app and it failing" @mountain_ghosts July 19, 2020


See: (original died in 2022).

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