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Okami is a Micropub Client written by j4y_funabashi. It lets you create and organise posts easily. It can be found here: http://okami.funabashi.co.uk/


  • Login via indieauth
  • Create a basic note post




  • I take photos with my phone and digital camera and I don't always have time to post / organize so they end up living on the device for months/years waiting for me to sort them out.
  • I also have a backlog of ~10 years worth of photos that I want to organise and post to my site.

Ideal workflow

  • take a bunch of photos/videos
  • backup media from device to media endpoint
  • use okami to view all media uploaded to the media endpoint and to a post
  • Would be great if my media server could know which media has been added to my site. Current thinking is that I can webmention the media URL and the media server can use that to mark the media as published



I have ~2 years worth of gpx logs that I want to do something with

ideal workflow

  • Walk around with my phone collecting gpx data
  • backup gpx data to a Micropub Geo server.
  • Geo server parses gpx logs into suggestions for posts (checkins, trips)
  • Use okami to view and act on suggestions from geo server

silo UI inspiration

Google calendar has a nice timeline view with auto pictures given the text of the event.
Facebook posting interface
Instagram choose a photo from a gallery
Swarm suggests checkins grouped by date
Facebook Activity log offers easy date based navigation
IG profile page with summary counts