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Pancake.Io is a service that turns your dropbox into a web hosting service. While the idea seems good and the implementation (mostly) straight-forward, it appears to be out-of-service randomly and possibly abandoned.

From their terms of service:

"We run a web site hosting service called and would love for you to use it. Our basic service is free. Our service is designed to give you as much control and ownership over what goes on your site as possible and encourage you to express yourself freely." on 2016-02-10

IndieWeb Experience

IndieWeb community members who have attempted using, and their experiences.'s user experience

  • "I've set up a test site, that initially went quite well. Then I made one change to my index.html, as suddently it failed. It was totally unclear why the system would fail. Reconnecting internally to dropbox did sometimes bring the service back, but in general I found it to be randomly failing, slow, and not well documented in general and especially with regards to why its failing. Before I try out something next that seems worth checking out and loosing quite some time getting nowhere I better had read and considered first."
  • Update 02-12-16: "It seems confirmed that is abandoned. No human response came in from any of the feedback / response channels. However, seems to be (still) working in some sort-of auto-pilot mode, that is, that if you make any change whatsoever to a dropbox folder that is linked to, the web hosting fails, but within the time frame of 2 hours or so the system seems to re-initialize itself, showing your web hosting from the dropbox as it should. As long as you don't make any changes then, it seems stable. This affects only your account when updating, other accounts that are not being updated are being served to the web without problem in the meantime as it seems. Of course this cannot be recommended to anyone. It is most likely that the service will go out-of-service from this half-functional mode soon..."

Possibly Abandoned

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