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twtmore was a service ( from 2009-2015 for posting notes to Twitter over 140 characters by auto-truncating the tweet with a permalink to the full note, all of which are now dead links that redirect to the home page.


Message that all links now redirect to at the homepage:

We’ve flown away.

egg sitting upright on a square of sod

It’s been a wonderful ride. We made twtmore in 2009 to solve the problems with the complete garbage of 'tweet-over-140-characters' services at the time. Since then, we’ve seen over 60 million tweets go through twtmore from all around the world. Regardless, tweeting has changed, and we’ve grown up. To our third party developers, our users, our friends: thanks for using twtmore, we're absolutely humbled by your support over the years. See you around.

- the twtmore team (westin, tom, leonard)


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