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Usenet is a non-centralized computer network for the discussion of topics and the sharing of files via newsgroups using NNTP.

Indieweb Examples

  • Christian Weiske uses leafnode to keep a long-term archive of some newsgroups at home.

See Also

  • NNTP
  • perhaps in reference to Dejanews becoming the default searchable archive for Usenet, Google acquiring them, enhancing their features and adding more historical archives, and then burying the entire thing under Google Groups, making previous Usenet posts unsearchable & unfindable in practice.
    • "Usenet was pretty nice too, until Google killed it." @chancerubbage August 20, 2018
  • 2018-12-26 Jason F. McBrayer: Some thoughts on Social Networking and Usenet (archived)
    • On the “extremely high quality of the clients available for Usenet, as opposed to those for current social media” going in on how subscriptions used to work, how threads were natively supported, pick-and-read-mode letting the user chose what to spend time on, and Scorefiles for training the reader application on what was important for the user.