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webaction handler is a url that returns the json config you want to use for your own webactions.


  • Malcolm Blaney provides a webaction handler on https://unicyclic.com as of 2017-07-12:
    • The handler can be found at the url: https://unicyclic.com/php/webaction.php?username=mal&page=reader
    • It will return the following webaction config as json: {follow:"https://unicyclic.com/mal/index.php?page=reader&follow={url}",like:"https://unicyclic.com/mal/index.php?page=reader&like={url}",repost:"https://unicyclic.com/mal/index.php?page=reader&repost={url}",reply:"https://unicyclic.com/mal/index.php?page=reader&reply={url}",status:"https://unicyclic.com/php/status.php?{url}"}
    • The webaction handler can be discovered from a home page, the url: https://unicyclic.com/mal provides a link header with rel="webaction" to discover the handler mentioned above.