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10 Centuries (10C) is a blogging/microposting silo, similar in scope and intent to App.net, for posting notes , and longer-form articles.

The site also hosts audio (for podcasting) and still images and videos. It offers private chat rooms that can contain several people by invitation. It also enables reposts, with or without comment, and likes.

Although it is effectively a silo, two things make it different.

  • it offers automatic optional POSSE to FaceBook and Twitter, if a person chooses to enable that.
  • the developer is passionate about the longevity of the site and people owning their data.

Various apps are in development and there is a curated list of potentially useful links.

How To

Use your own domain

IndieWeb Friendly

The site has a curlable API for content creation and reading.

The lead developer has shown an interest in indieweb principles and concepts, and has posted (https://10centuries.org/post/133256 - 404 at least as early as 2021-04-30) that he hopes that v5 of the API would both embrace indieweb technology and allow users to 'self host'.

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