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Session Notes

Notes from Amber Case

Shane: If we were able to make things in this way where we knew this was an exporter, then when you install it from the WebUI (it would know how to use it).

I don't know if this would work or it it has been tried, and I'd like to think that one could bit off some relatively simple chunks like status or blogs. That way 2 is enough to test this PubSub.

Shane mentions that he does not care about comments - and comments should be placed on one's hosted site.

But what about if the same conversation happens in two different places? Should they be merged. "I've been asked the same question and answered the same question in two different places, but I shouldn't have to do that".

Your site doesn't have to have a centralized identity -- and when people comment on your site they can comment from Facebook, Flickr, etc. (Amber: What about the case where they comment on your post that's been posted to Facebook? Do those comments get placed into the site? In some sense, some news sites do this now, especially with trackbacks, mentions of the post, replies with the post in it, etc. I'm not sure how it is done - perhaps through a URL shortener).

BrennanNovak: I don't know if there's another solution than a kind of shotgun blast to different supports.

Shane: I'd like to have it going site.com/username.fb.png/ or site.com/username.flickr.png/small

Or site.com/username.wordpress.rss/full-feed

That way, the URL would be the API. And it would be able to know where it came from on what platform. (I like this idea very much).

My most popular photos - what was I doing during that time? What time of day was it? Was I walking around more? The questions that can only be answered when you put things together that were not able to exist together before. (Amber: This is the equivalent of looking back at word history concurrently. For instance, what was happening in China while something was going on in America?


Homesteading PubSub architecture diagram homesteading pubsub architechture.png



It's super easy.

The easiest way is to write a post in Markdown ( http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax ) and email it to me at veganstraightedge@gmail.com

The more self-lead way is to follow these few steps:

  • Fork the repo on Github
  • Clone that repo on to your computer

    git clone git@github.com:YOUR-USER-NAME/NoMoreSharecropping.org.git

  • Create a file in /_posts

  • Name that file using the format of YYYY-MM-DD-Your-Post-Slug.md

  • At top top of that file include a bit of meta data in YAML.

Like this:

  layout: post
  title: No More Sharecropping!
  subtitle: ¡Ya Basta!
  canonical: http://sbb.me/n48f1
  author: Shane Becker
  email: veganstraightedge@gmail.com
  • REQUIRED FIELDS: layout, title (if it's different from your file name slug), email, name
  • OPTIONAL FIELDS: subtitle, canonical (this is the URL of the article on your site if you're reposting an article of yours)

  • Write your awesome post!

  • Add and commit that file in your local repo git commit -a "New Blog Post"

  • Push to Github git push origin gh-pages

  • Send a pull request to me

  • That's it!

After your first contribution, you'll get added to the NoMoreSharecropping.org repo as a committer at which point you won't have to do the fork / pull request nonsense.

Or... if you're totally awesome and have the site to prove it, send me an email with a link to your previous writing on the subject and I'll just add you as a contributor.

Let's do this thing!


The following directories and their contents are Copyright their original author. If no author is specified, Copyright Shane Becker :

  • _posts/
  • images/

All content in _posts and _images is licensed for use under CC

All other directories and files are PUBLIC DOMAIN. Your heart is as free as the air you breathe. The ground you stand on is liberated territory.