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Session Notes

Notes from Tantek

Open Source Analytics

Packages you can install on your site to self-host your own analytics (rather than depending on Google analytics).

Google Analytics


Use https://www.google.com/support/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55578 to create custom URLs per downstream syndicated service, e.g. Twitter, FB, etc.


  • Q: What about page speed delays due to loading Google Analytics external javascript?
    • A: Google tracks in Google Webmaster tools.
    • A: If you download Google Analytics to your site and use the current version, it's Google Analytics Async (been around for a while). The old versions aren't supported any more. However, old sites/plugins may be using the older synchronous versions, and thus their speeds may be unnecessarily slowed down.

Get Clicky


What are the goals?

What are the goals of analytics on your own indieweb site?

  • SEO - better search engine ranking
  • more traffic
    • ... for a key phrase
    • ... for a group of key phrases
  • Which syndicated sites are sending me the most ...
    • ... traffic
    • ... visitors
  • Problems with Twitter referrers
    • Twitter clients, e.g. Twitterific sends Twitterific.com

More Tools


From Yahoo.

Login framework from dedicated to page speed.

  • actual load speed
  • benchmark the speed
  • generates server-side logs that you can drop into other things

Twitter Tweet Button

Embeds in general (like a Tweet button) you can test with implementations of sites like:

  • mashable.com
  • techcrunch.com

which have a ton of 3rd party javascripts etc.