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one click install was one of the hack sessions at IndieWebCamp 2011.

one-click indieweb setup

Mark Hendrickson set out to create a web service for regular people to get up and running with an indie web site without having to deal with code, domain registrars and other hurdles.

He has created mockups of the process. You choose a domain name and then choose what services you want to run there. That's the entry point for starting out with an indie web presence. The tagline is "Claim your online identity." You are asked for 1) the desired URL, 2) an email address, 3) a password.

The next step involves sucking in data from existing profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and blogging platforms.

There needs to be a step for payment (for domain registration) next.

Then the result is a profile page with your picture, your bio, your links elsewhere and a feed of activity.

That's the initial experience and the idea is that people can then build on that.

Mockups and a longer write-up can be found at the following:

The code for this can be found on github at:

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