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Academic Citations for the Web was a session at IndieWebCamp 2012.

Notes from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-citations

When: 2012-183 10:45-12:45

  • IndieWeb Citations


  • Michael Dexter - michaeldexter.org - @michaeldexter
  • Tantek Γ‡elik
  • Travis Wellman (project: spaciousness.org ) - @wavis
  • Nicholas - @ogsempervirens
  • Ed - @znmeb

hyperlinks are 'new school' citations

how can hyperlinks build a crawlable graph of citations between blogs

  • MLA - Chicago Manual of Style "TCMOS"
  • 'cite' tag
  • 'cite' attribute on blockquote


research on online citation formats/style:

common fields across various citation formats/styles

  • date/time
  • author/publication
  • time/date
  • url

Examples in the wild of blog posts with copy/paste citations:

modeling after author-date Parenthetical referencing (AKA Harvard style) in-text citation:

  • (Smith 2008, p. 1) or (Smith 2008:1)

here is a proposed web style in-text citation:

  • (ttk.me 4JF1)

- uses:

  • ttk.me - personal short domain - acts as proxy for the author
  • 4JF - NewBase60 encoded permalink epoch days
  • 1 - and nth post for that day (1) rather than page number

all the way to: hypertext citation:


Tantek's straw proposal for i18n friendly/ready web-citations: (with {optional} components) - including common 4 fields from APA/MLA/TCMOS citation style with modifications:

  • use ISO Date instead of US/European/English dates
  • use author FULL NAME, instead of messing with last name first (ambiguous internationally).

<time>YYYY-MM-DD {HH:MM:SS}</time> AUTHOR: <a href="URL">TITLE</a>

possibly add <cite> tag:

<time>YYYY-MM-DD {HH:MM:SS}</time> AUTHOR: <cite><a href="URL">TITLE</a></cite>

possibly add author hCard:

<time>YYYY-MM-DD {HH:MM:SS}</time> <span class="h-card">AUTHOR</span>: <cite><a href="URL">TITLE</a></cite>

possibly wrap the whole thing in a simple citation microformat:

<span class="h-cite">
  <time class="dt-published">YYYY-MM-DD {HH:MM:SS}</time> 
  <span class="p-author h-card">AUTHOR</span>: 
  <cite><a class="u-url p-name" href="URL">TITLE</a></cite>

should we include:

  • geo data? e.g. some tweets have geo markers
  • date captured/cited? stuff online changes (or disappears!)

how do we link to / cite a specific paragraph within a post?

subheads can at least have their own ids


personal archiving/versioning:

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